Professional wide step telescoping A-frame ladder with 12 ft reachable height Reachable Height: 12ft (3.66m) Ladder Height Extended: 8ft (2.44m) Ladder Height Closed: 32in (0.81m) Type 1AA 375 lb rated; weighs 24 lbs (10.9 kg) Made of Aircraft Grade Aluminum The Essential Tool for Contractors, Professionals and Homeowners Easy to use, easy to carry, easy to store Strong, safe and reliable Get multiple uses with multiple heights in just one ladder Featuring patented One-Touch release mechanism Safety indicator windows that tell you when its safe to climb Wide stabilizer bar Stair offset feature to level on stairs OSHA Compliant, ANSI 14.2 tested Comes with carry strap ...
    $328.00 $381.45
    7 ft Double sided folding "STIK" Aluminum step ladder Reach Height: 11ft (3.35m) Ladder Height: 6.8ft (2.1m) Type 1 250 lb rated; weighs 24.5 lbs (11.1kg) Easy to carry, easy to use, easy to store Strong, safe and reliable Made from high quality Aluminum alloys Perfect for Home, Office, Cottage or Motorhome Opens and closes from side to side Closed size is like a 4 x 4 post for easy storage OSHA Compliant, ANSI 14.2 tested ...
    $188.40 $219.10
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